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How does an employer find the perfect VA?

First of all, is there really such a thing as a perfect VA and is it even worth one’s time to find one?

All small business owners/employers who build their businesses online would no doubt love to find the answer. However, everyone needs to understand that in order to find that perfect VA, there should first be an awareness of the qualities that make up one.

So just what are those qualities that a perfect VA is supposed to possess?

A perfect VA needs to be:

  1. Skilled
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Easy to work with
  4. Capable or resourceful
  5. Willing to help the company to grow through his/her suggestions

Each one of those qualities is actually essential for any VA to be really effective and instrumental in doing any of these things:

  • Help in building up an online business from scratch.
  • Aid in expanding an already established but still small online business.
  • Provide assistance in revitalizing a struggling online business and get it back on track.

So where can you find such VA? Of course, where else but here in Kizedi!

Kizedi aims to be one of the best platforms where employers and workers could meet. And it’s so easy to set up an account and get started.

STEP #1: Create an employer account at Kizedi.

STEP #2: Post a job or search resumes.

STEP #3: Filter through the applicants to find the perfect VA.

STEP #4: Hire and then manage the VA.

But simply having a Kizedi account is no guarantee of getting the perfect Filipino VA for your company. So that’s why we listed down some of the tips you can follow.

Guide to Hiring the Perfect Virtual Assistant

To have a higher chance in getting the perfect VA for his or her business, an employer could use the following guidelines.

Keeping the guide short and simple will look like this:

  1. The job post should be designed to attract the best possible jobseekers.
  2. Employers need to pick their favored applicants.
  3. Employers should contact all of their preferred applicants.
  4. Send further emails to the top candidates.
  5. Filter the top candidates and hire the best one.

Fleshing out each one of these, we’ll have a more detailed look at what employers need to do to pick the best one.

1. The Post Should be Meant to Attract the Best Possible Jobseekers

The better the job post, the more attractive it is to the best possible jobseekers. And the best Filipino jobseekers are no different and find themselves attracted to it as well. Employers need to make sure that their posts would capture the eye of potential VAs by doing the following:

  • The job post should be as clear and easy to understand as possible. A confusing post will only turn off applicants, while a vague one will make them lose interest fast.
  • The job post also needs to be brief about the employer’s requirements and expectations. That should be left for later interviews and assessments.
  • Employers need to be sure that their job posts are updated. If there are components to the job that need to be changed or adjusted, then it should be done.
2. Employers Should Select From Their Favored Applicants

All employers need to select from those applicants that they actually favor. What this simply means is that they don‘t need to entertain all of the applicants.

The favored applicants might come from any of these ways:

  • The jobseekers who responded to the employer’s job post.
  • The bookmarked jobseekers whom the employer considers as a potential candidate for the job.

It is okay for employers to start with a rather large pool of applicants. It would provide more flexibility and options for them to choose from.

It would be a mistake for an employer to narrow the pool of applicants too quickly. This can be quite tempting to do especially when they spot someone who they feel is already the one, but there might be others that are even better.

3. Employers Should Contact All of Their Preferred Applicants

Although it might seem like too much of an effort, but employers should contact all of their preferred applicants.

Here’s what every employer should do in this regard:

  1. All applicants should be sent basically the same email message. It would save time and effort on the part of the employer to simply mass email them all.
  2. It also wouldn’t hurt for the employer to let the applicants know that they are actually sending a mass email to all of them.
  3. The email should introduce the business/company. Include the mission statement, vision, values and a little background about what the company/business is all about.
  4. Aside from mentioning the things about the company, employers also need to mention the qualities that they looking for in a VA.
  5. Lastly, this initial email needs to be as brief as possible. Make it short but still stand out and make applicants remember it.
4. Further Emails/Contacts Should be Sent to the Candidates

The employers should ask more questions to the top candidates for the job. Asking important, relevant questions is one of the best ways for employers to gauge applicants.

Some of the best questions to ask the top applicants are:

  • Have you worked remotely/online before?
  • Do you have experience working for a foreign employer?
  • What is your expected salary?
  • How long have you been doing this type of work online?
  • Can you please send some examples of your best work?
  • Please send us a link to your Kizedi profile.
  • When can you start?
  • Can you please send at least three references?
  • What is your location in the Philippines?
    Do you have your own computer? Do you have Internet access and if you do then how fast is it?
5. Filter the Top Candidates and Hire the Best One

After the various steps featured above, the employer should be able to filter the applicants and narrow it down to the top 2 or 3.

To help them make the final choice, consider the following:

  • First impression is usually the right one. Employers need to keep a close watch on how they feel about the applicant as it could help them make the right judgment.
  • Compare what’s in the applicant’s resume and how they respond through emails, etc. Watch for some inconsistencies and if skills and experience have been exaggerated.
  • Check the work samples that they send thoroughly. This is one of the very best ways to ascertain if they are truly qualified or not.
  • Employers who want to hire a full time worker need to find out if the applicant is already working for another employer. If so, then they might want to consider someone who isn’t employed yet.
  • The best one for the job should be one who gives full attention to detail. Look for the applicant who answers all of the questions given to him as well as provides the quickest replies. They are usually the most reliable workers.
  • Lastly, an employer should favor an applicant who has a fast Internet connection. They are going to work from half a world away and at a different time zone, so they should at least have a fast connection to make up.

Are you ready to find the perfect VA for your business?

The whole process of finding the perfect VA might seem so complicated and tiring, especially for employers. In the end though, the rewards would be more than enough to make the entire process worthwhile.

Employers would get the perfect Filipino Virtual Assistant and jobseekers will get the kind of job that they want and deserve.

And rest assured, Kizedi is there to provide them the freedom and venue to pursue and realize their dreams and goals!

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